How to install premium theme without affecting search ranking

(Anoop Kumar) #1

Hello friends,
I have tried to change theme in December but when change my theme I got 706 not found link and traffic down 50% only 10-12 hours. immediately I switch to my older theme . And all become normal . My traffic come back. But free theme have not lot of function and I want to use premium theme . I want to switch ionmag free version to generate press premium theme. Please suggest me to switch theme without getting any error and affecting search ranking.
Thanks in advance

(Hitesh Bhasin) #2
  1. Create a staging site.
  2. Run broken link checker on old theme
  3. Install new theme
  4. Run broken link checker.
  5. If all is well, then make the staging site as main site.

In kinsta this is 1 click but i do not know about other hosts how to do it. i think in cloudways, you can create a clone and then point DNS in clone.

But anytime before shifting a theme or doing major work, ensure u check it in staging.

(Anoop Kumar) #3

I’m using vultr server