How To Install WordPress With LAMP/LEMP In Ubuntu 18.04


(Gopal) #34

Unmanaged hosting requires some practical experiences with servers…


Configure SSH keys! None can hack!

(Gopal) #36

These are one of the security practice but it will not fully protect your servers from hackers… It requires some additional security techniques…


Like what?

(Gopal) #38

I can’t explain here for more details read security guidelines provided by PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST.


Oh God!

Considering I have SSH keys and Cloudflare configure with my WordPress blog, none can hack my server, unless my laptop is hacked or I am leaking my server information intentionally!

(Gopal) #40

Security guidelines by PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST are written in pure technical language it requires some practical interaction with servers to fully understand the security practices and implement this to servers.

That’s why “Cloudways” like companies are running now a days…

(Gopal) #41

These are bad assumptions…


People who go for managed platform are kind of scared to manage it! Even I was when i started! But after knowing the facts, how to manage, it is kid’s stuff!


I challenge anyone to hack my server! I will pay that guy, who can hack my server!


If these are bad assumptions, then tell me the right assumptions! Be practical!

(Gopal) #45

You are in a wrong assumptions.

In a dark world, this is a pretty easy task…

First ask question yourself no one can secure 100% in digital world.

Bigger companies spend billions for their security…

Amazon Web Service:

They perform regular security audit of their servers…


Then, tell me the right assumptions dude, which can be practically implemented. No rhetoric, please!

Hack my wordpress website, i can send the website link in PM! I am ready to pay also anyone!

Whole world knows that!

Most of the people in this forum are running WordPress! Stick with that, please!

(Gopal) #48

Telling all possible security practices is not possible here. It is a too lengthy process…


I deserve to know at least couple of it! Except, SSH keys, Cloudflare, Ubuntu Firewall!

(Myil Raj) #52

Awesome Tutorial… I am surely going to try this as I was travelling with cPanel based servers, it’s time to take diversion for the faster track.

( Devil) #53

Are you supporting installing WordPress using third party one click installers and giving them authority to screw all my sites at once?
If someone wants to hack your site he will.

(Rishi) #55

Update:- Don’t forget to increase upload_max_filesize to avoid any trouble (like uploading big theme).