How To Invest $500 on Blogs That Will Convert

I have up to 3 blogs and none of them is fetching the money the way I want. So I’m thinking of investing $500 on them. My target is to invest in my new blog which is like a store that contains phones only. Please, any advice from you guys will be highly appreciated.

The blog is

It has an App on the Google Play store with just 3 downloads.

I also have other technology blogs based on games and how to.

Well, There are lots of better app and online store in the market like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

Why a visitor should prefer your store?

There are few problems i noticed as soon as i open it.

  1. No proper branding- One of the major reason we buy from amazon flipkart is they are a well established brand, still people are a little cautious while buying from xyz site as we dont get the trust factor. Same applies there, no proper contact details No authority in the site. So hard for people to trust.
    2)You can use something like Vissa secured signs comodo security signs etc which most shopify guys use
  2. design is very simple and not much to offer. Another issue is the color combination. that also plays a vital role in stores like this.

You will also need to make a blog of the same for seo as well as traffic driving. All in all not worth to spend money unless you know what you are doing.

I’m not selling directly on the blog but will link to affiliate website like amazon, Gearbest and others. The blog is all about phone comparison, details and the price with filter to select the phone specs, camera and other features you want. I already have a blog for seo on the app.

the blog is all about phone specifications, comparison and the price with affiliate link to buy

I think you should make site mobile friendly, and content rich at the site time.

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What about advertisement for more downloads on the mobile App… My target is to get at least 50,000 downloads on the App.

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Here some mistakes or something missing in your website----

  1. No proper logo & favicon
  2. Main Navigation is too much bad, just contains about us, privacy etc
  3. no sidebar item(as seen in desktop)
  4. all phones are showing but looking like Spam items
  5. No offer, no discount in middle of products(customer feel its costly & very bad)
  6. very poor type footer contents(I can say footer is nothing)
  7. search box is fully one color (make the inner color white)
  8. No social account links
  9. very spam looking website design (main point)
    Please fix all of the above & Good luck :slight_smile: smile

I would also set aside some money for getting do-follow links from reputed website through paid guest posts… it working marvel for me…

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Are you saying buying links help?

Work on the UI, if you want people to take you seriously make it a Single page app.