How to load icons in GP?

I have add custom social follow widget for that I will need icons. But I think GP does not support font awesome or any icons.

I know font awesome icons can be loaded through the following link which have to add in .header .php

<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

But again it will send an external request which is directly affects performance.

So do yo know the way to load icons from own server not externally?

It is always better to serve fonts and icons from external links.

Get the link from or use that BootstrapCDN link.

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I know this method but it slow down the performence.

No. show me the proof :roll_eyes:

Bro why do you need proof obviously if your web page sends an external request or call it will defiantly delay. That’s why Gtmetrix and other site suggest to “Minimise request size”

What is the delay here? It is faster than hosting it on your own.


Ok I will test and come back here thank you.

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