How to make a header with logo and Hamburger menu

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Hello everyone,
Can you guys help me in creating a header for my website with a logo and Hamburger menu like in

I tried searching on Google. But the codes are not working in Blogspot.


Please help.

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Dude… how about focusing on content and real life instead of bothering about header/logo/menu?

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Hadh sey zaida kuch bhi acha nahi hota… questions bhi nahi.

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Bilkul Sahi baat!! He spends more time in styling his themes and/or selling pirated content rather than writing original/unique content. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Styling Themes for pirated content? :crazy_face:


You can get it done in 2 steps.

  1. Integrate Cloudflare on your Blogspot Blog
  2. Go to Apps > Install menu.

That’s it.

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No, buddy! I am not doing this on previous site. I am doing it for the new THELEARNERS.INFO

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Help me with the code. I found a lots of codes but no one work for Blogspot.


Have you tried above two steps? It doesn’t require any manual coding.

Screenshot representing the demo version of Slide Nav Cloudflare app. This is an easiest way to get Hamburger menu.

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Thanks @gulshankumar.
This is the perfect solution for my problem. Now my site is looking good checkout : TheLearners.Info

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No posts.

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I have reverted the posts to draft. Because they are distorted because of missing CSS.


You’re most welcome!

I checked your blog, it looks amazing! :+1:

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Looks really good. Keep it up.
Now focus on creating great content. :+1: