How to make a profile backlink on

how can i make a link like this

i have try but it not giving option to add url anywhere anyone created it can help

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Go to your profile section there you put your website url.

You can create a project also in which you can insert relevante link of your site.

It won’t help, profile links are nofollow and Google don’t consider

I would definitely say you might be wrong bro. Consider i have a site about Blogging seo etc. If i link my linkdn profile, youtube channel and other profiles from freelancer etc where i provide some sort of service etc. then that adds to EAT(EXPERTISE, AUTHORITIVENESS, TRUSTWORHYNESS) Which is a major factor in todays ranking of google. So if you have a profile somewhere linking back to about me page of the blog helps in SEO. even if it is a tiny bit. The same is true with social media as well. If i have a million followers in a social media surely that doesnt help me rank one but it shows google that i have something good to offer thats why so many people follow me which again helps in seo of your site.

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It is also good to have no-follow links in addition to Do-follow links. Actually, its better to have both in almost same ratio. It affects your ranking in google

Thanks for your great suggestion. It will help us definetiely.