How to Make An Affiliate WebSite Like

I have found the website by gadgets360 by NDTV. This website is just full with Amazon & Flipkart products ads & it’s using a script that works better for affiliate.

Anyone have any similar site or any idea how to make?

Look for a price comparision WordPress theme.

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You want some web scraping knowledge to create like this site. You need to scrap Amazon & Flipkart pages to create like this site.

I also scrapping but my website only under development check thetechwar (dot) com

Too simple but cute.

I already have Generatepress premium. So, I have found the this design is suitable but it’s for woocommerce, then how I will redirect visitors to shopping websites

Only under development bro. I never add anything in this site. It update automatically.

Use Woocommerce plugin with some other plugins like “WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates”

Building this type of site is still easy, question is how you can get traffic and users to this site from Google or other sources.

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I have started a news website & getting higher traffic day by day. So, I don’t need to worry about to get traffic just need to make a site like this to monetize my site.

how much? Any rough figure

Within 1 week 100+

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Exactly as @Saksham pointed out. Why would anyone come to this website?

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@Saksham @AbhishekVerma @supx my duty is to drive traffic to the website.
And ek admi pe itna jor mat do | kya bacche ki jan loge kya

We’re just trying to tell you that the site you have mentioned will work with a brand like NDTV but not without it. News website traffic is different, and usually, the users visit the website to consume news, not to purchase anything.

As soon as the visitors read the news, they will leave your site, or will read any other article in a few cases. Other than that, it’s impossible to rank a site like this in Google now. And lastly, Indian affiliate CTR is usually not that high as we Indians prefer to check prices at multiple places, think a lot, and then make a purchase.

I do :shushing_face:

Actually I don’t want as same as pricee, because it will lead me to spam. Something like this will be better as creative.

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I would rather make a site like Wirecutter.
They are awesome.
They buy 10 different product. Test them using various methods and various team members and then write an in-depth review.
They are killing it!
Something like a coupon site is unlikely to work but it can work if you make something like where the buyer gets a cut of your affiliate comission as cashbacks. Else i dont see any value in it

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Means New York Times?

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