How to make change in amazon's product affiliate code?

Hi, Recently I have been started using amazon images using site stripe in the product table. I noticed three things, the images are do-follow, don’t have alt tags, and opens in a new tab by default.

Should I change these three things? I use the WP table builder plugin for product tables.

How can I add alt text to the default amazon site strip code?
Should I convert these links to no-follow and open them in the same tab?

What would you recommend to me?

I guess there is a plugin to do it better way.

cc @Mainak

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I think this type setup made by the plugin author. You can contact them for further help.

Personally, i don’t use any plugin. I do manually. this lightweight tool i use for product table making.
For the image problem, it’s very plugin t plugin. I use custom solution.

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I did it without the plugin. I added alt text and no-follow stages to images in the WordPress block editor and then copied and pasted that code in WP table builder. Problem solved.

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this method is great too.