How to make domain name copyright term?

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I am so happy yesterday, everyone contributed to my question.

The next thing is; after choosing a domain name and have bought the .com version, what if another person get .org, .net or other tlds version?

So how do I make it a copyright terms so people won’t be able to use?

According to my research, WordPress is a copyright terms rather others uses “WP” instead of WordPress, so how can I make such?

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There are thousands of TLDs available man. You cannot register all, atleast at this stage.
For getting the terms in the domain name copyrighted, you need to take legal help. But all I think that it is not pretty much needed at this stage.

So instead of thinking that much, just get back to work with that .com domain only and make it so great, that you actually need to reserve all TLDs in future instead of thinking of all this stuff :slight_smile:

Stop thinking too much.

Best Wishes :slight_smile:

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Rule #1:

Don’t pretend or think to be like google or any multi millionaire company. Until/unless you become one of them.


You need to File Trademark registration.

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Ok… Thanks

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Bro. I appreciate your curiosity.
I would rather advice you to start working and get your hands dirty.

There’s a long process behind all these legal matters and more longer is the road to this stage.
If you want to reach there, then don’t let these thoughts distract you.

I am not saying you to not ask questions here,
but focus on what’s important, which is to start producing great content.

For your question, it’s not required. If you make it big, then other things with same name don’t matter.

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There are few top level domains such as .com, .biz, .org, .info, .net, .in, .us,,
If you want to protect your name, it’s better you register all domains in these suffixes.
Hardly it will cost Rs.10 per day. But, it’s worth.