How to make such website

Hello guys I just want to ask how to make a website like this

can me make website like this in wordpress? Your thoughts please…

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It is custom coded and you cannot make it with wordpress ( atleast if you do not know how to make plugins or write codes ) since I donot think any related plugin is available with this such functionality :slight_smile:

It’s some kind of script

Thanks just looked at this website and thought it’s build just website like this only single page but we can earn a good passive income.

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Do you know how to get that script??

Yup especially if you have some related site it can generate you good bucks.

For e.g. Most of the devs who run sites like png2pdf or related sites have 5-7 sites related to same and they are able to both transfer traffic from one to other and also perform better in search. :slight_smile:

If someone know basic html and css then can he build such website? I think that that guy is using some font generator script or google fonts api

You will need knowledge of javascript as well. Probably someone from Fiver can help you building this at affordable rates :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy for quick response cheers.

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