How to make yourself busy with the blogging when you’re disturbed


I don’t know whether I am success or not – in a last few days I was disturbed and depressed due to some personal reasons, so what I did in a last few days?

I started loving to the work more than anything and increased the frequency of publishing the new articles. As usual I publish 4-5 articles per day but from the last month, I forgot anything and started publishing more than 10 articles per day – If I was not have any article from the writer – then I wrote 8-10 articles per day, review and publish.

So my dear friends, its really good way to keep yourself busy – whenever you will get success, you can get anything.

Money is not everything but it can help to give you most of the things.


Can’t agree more I hardly blog for money its more I do it for being happy… any extra dollars through the blog for some weekend beer will bring some bigger smile… lol


That’s great.