How to monetise Wishing script site?

Hey guys I want to target happy new year script website? But I don’t have an idea about how can I make money through it.

I mean AdSense does not allow this types of sites( I just heard not have any experience) so can you tell me How to monetise Wishing script site?

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I don’t think you have a lot of options available with this type of site as affiliate and other things will not work.

You can try other ad networks if AdSense don’t allow this.


Hey @Rushikesh,
Follow the procedure below, if you want to create a wishing site and want to monetize it with AdSense.

Step 1: Buy a fresh domain
Step 2 : Install WordPress and start writing blog posts related to a particular and write long and detailed articles for faster approval.
Step 3 : Get your site fully indexed in Google.
Step 4 : Apply for AdSense new account or add the domain in your previous account and wait for approval
After approval
Step 5 : Place some ads on your blog and wait for few days until ads start showing up properly.
Step 6 : Delete the whole blog
Step 7 : Now install the wishing script and add Adsense ads

Note: No other ad networks will work other than Adsense.

You can instead buy a previously approved website and use it for wishing script.

@Saksham What do you think about this?


Thanks dear and sorry for late response.

Where to get wishing script?? For New year wishes.