How To Monetize My Niche Website

A Few A days Ago I posted This Thread:

Now I am Getting 300-500 Users daily with 800 - 1000 Page Views. I haven’t Monetized my website yet because I am not good at it.
My Niche is something related to Books and I am thinking to add amazon affiliate like and also thinking to add adsense. I already made a android app for website and daily getting 10+ download due to website and haven’t Monetized app too.
Please suggest some Best way to monetize website without affecting user experience. I already got approval for adsense, and infolinks

Amazon is really bad with books. They hardly pay anything! For ads i would say try premium ad networks like mediavine or ezoic.

Thanks I already have crazyegg subscription so no need of ezoic. can you tell me about mediavine and if you’ve any experience about it

What crazyegg have to do with Ezoic?

Isn’t both tell best place to add a ad. can you send me some guide to use ezoic?

Ezoic does the ad testing and placement based on programmatic ad delivery. Its tottaly different.
Mediavine is great for ads if you have over 25k session. However they dont accept all sites. So you must apply and check if they let you in!
For this much traffic you want find anything better than them!

The best way to monetize is to create a niche affiliate site. If you want to try different mode of monetizing then go for CPA marketing.