How to move a WordPress site from one droplet to another droplet in DigitalOcean?

Can anyone share the easiest way of moving a WordPress website from one to another droplet of DigitalOcean?

Hi @Dixravi

Step1. Install WordPress with LAMP/LEMP stack on the second server:- How To Install WordPress With LAMP/LEMP In Ubuntu 18.04

Step2. Then use updraftplus plugin to restore WordPress on the second server:- How to Backup & Restore WordPress with Updraftplus?


You can manually transfer WordPress using wget command (recommended for large WordPress site). :- Migrate Heavy wp-content Folder From One Host to Another Easily


I also use this method :point_up_2:


I know about it, Is there no way to do this without migration?


I use scp command to move to move wp-content zip file after packing wo content folder into a zip. Then I use scp command and transfer this zip in to new droplet. Then after unzipping it I migrate the database.


If both droplets are in same digitalocean account, then you can use live snapshot feature.

  1. Take a live snapshot of the current droplet.
  2. Use snapshot to create a new droplet.

  1. Point domain name to new droplet.

The work has been done, thanks to all for helping me


Hey there,
I have tried almost all major migration plugins. In all of them I personally liked the power of all in one wp migration plugin. You need to get the unlimited addon or google drive addon to get unlimited backup size. If you get google drive addon then it would be super easier for you. It would carry backups in a ease. If it is large site 5gb or small site 500mb it will migrate it in a lightning speed without any failures. I have used this plugin for almost 300+ sites for migration. You must try this.

Janaki Vamsi.
Note : Addons are paid , But they are really worth of your lifetime :slight_smile:


All good with this plugin… Except one thing.

They intentionally don’t export compressed files … so that… backup data looks big …
and then most of the userbase could be forced to purchase there addon

I have a site with 210mb
Duplicator Plugin makes backup of approx 40mb only
All in one Migration Plugin makes backup of 210mb … oh boy … did you miss the compression part

and for sure they have this tactic for a reason … :wink:

BTW plugin is good… and almost never fails

Just sharing my experiance ... last used it in nov 2018 .... maybe they have changed there compression behaivour.

Maybe Its doing that for achieving ZERO dependency


BUT still they should tell user to install zlib …
coz that will save 5x storage space and bandwidth … when using FTP, Google drive…

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Yes I agree with you. But AIOWP has their own extension which is .wpress. it will took both database and wp content in the single file.

Duplicator is really a mess for beginners. It can be only easy for medium sized developers or more. But the AIOWP gives a ease for even beginners.

I personally liked the gdrive extension which makes process even more simpler. I dont even need to download it . It uploads 1gb backup in 3 - 5mins and restore it in max 5 mins . Almost of the time I never faced any failures and make it easy my workflow.

If I get a migration work. I will simply install fresh wordpress and install AIOWP plugin and extension. Connect Gdrive that’s all. It will import the backup from Gdrive without any issues.

Whereas in duplicator you need to wait for long time above 1gb . You should download the file, some php file. You need to upload both files using ftp to public_html and need to create a database. Sometimes it gives fatal errors in some hosting companies.

Final words : I agree that size compression is issue but it’s the best way to migrate sites for beginners. You can sleep without any fears by using that plugin :slight_smile:.
As a freelancer I need to save time because I don’t need to make the things complicated by using complicated tools. This is applicable to beginners also :slight_smile:

Janaki Vamsi


Thanks, @Itsmejvamsi.

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