How to move OneSignal JS to the footer?

Can you tell me the script to move the One Signal SDK JS to the footer?
Curently it is loading in the header.

Why bro?

Ya bro, today I have investigated and it is necessary to put manifest only at the header.
Javascript is not necessary but they default it to load on the header.

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Ok bro!

Waiting for it here too because i am going to start using onesignal soon!

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Ideally, why someone do this?

If I understand correctly, the purpose of moving JS is to avoid render blocking and allow loading DOM quickly.

Second, if you closely look at OneSignal script which is placed in header doesn’t mean it is slowing down.

There is asynchronous tag for SDK file, which refers to script can be downloaded any executed any point of time without render blocking.

Third, it check either Document is loaded or not, if yes then it fire Pop-up. Have you ever seen before seeing web page? Never.

Hence, moving to footer I don’t think it’s worth the efforts.

Exactly I want to load DOM quickly as fast as possible.
Already most of the JS files are placed in footer only but still DOM loads after 2.4s only.
How to reduce this bro?

Waiting for the same!!

Hi there, any update on this?