How to optimize Font Awesome & Google Fonts in WordPress?

While checking GTMetrix Waterfall, I got something like

I think we can reduce HTTP request of FontAwesome woff2 fonts and
I am using the Genesis Framework.

Hosting: DigitalOcean (LEMP Stack).
CDN: Cloudflare + BunnyCDN
Plugin: Autoptimize

Install fonts locally and include in your CSS file using @ import method.

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Can you please provide any reference please? I am using Genesis’s Theme.

The method of implementation is different for different themes. I need to analyse practically on my own to find a solution.
I am using Local Fonts instead of loading from a third part server.

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Local Fonts?

It seems normal.

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Brother, I want to minimize the request and make load time under 2 seconds. Is it possible? I migrated my website to Digital Ocean from HostGator.

Remove all those web fonts and use just safe font. Remove AdSense also because without it hardly possible.