How To Optimize Images?

(Manikandan A Ve) #1

Hello Team ,

I am Using for image compress . when i upload 3kb image in my site thumbs are showing 40 kb how to solve this ?


You can consider implementing gzip or brotli

(Ultra Noob) #3

No. No. We shouldn’t. Please see those are images. It is NOT recommended enable GZIP For images.


Apache2 (built with mod_pagespeed) has this as an option

An nginx equivalent also exists but I can’t really find it’s link rn.

(Ultra Noob) #5

Oh that is PageSpeed Module!
Yes, it can optimize on the fly. Don’t you think it can increases CPU usage?

While at ServerPilot, Once we had tried, it was slow experience.


If you’re among those who run multiple wordpress instances on a single core 1GB RAM server then definitely things are gonna be terrible (may even crash) but if you have good CPU (even a dual core) with at least 2 GB of RAM then it shouldn’t hurt much.

(Ultra Noob) #7
  1. Click on “See optimized version”
  2. Save it on Desktop
  3. Go to SFTP > Replace the Image
  4. Using CDN? Purge Cache for all those images.
  5. Check on GTmetrix.

Want shortcut?

  • Go for Cloudflare PRO plan and Enable Lossless compression.