How to overcome this situation?

(Yatin Sardana) #1

Someone has copied my post: for example: he posted every paragraph of my post into three different post. DMCA would not work. Can you pls help me? His post is now ranking at the top and my post got removed after he posted those posts.

(**Unknown**) #2

Did you tried filing DMCA?

How about contacting the web host if DMCA does not work.

(Yatin Sardana) #3

There is no contact option on their website and yes, I tried DMCA, they rejected the complaint.

(**Unknown**) #4

Can you inbox me the copied site and original site?

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #5

Ask him to remove the content if it is word to word copy. Host will do nothing without DMCA. Just warn the owner through word game and ask him I can get your hosting suspended in case you will not remove my work

(Yatin Sardana) #6

My URLs got approved finally. Last time, they rejected the complaint. But I wonder How he is copying the text as I have disabled the text selection, right click, CTRL+U. :thinking::thinking: Is there any other way?

(CFO of GKHosting) #7

There’s a site which has copied all my article via Rss :astonished::mask::mask:

(Rishi) #8

He can copy text from source code. Disabling right click would not work.

Show summary of articles in feed.

(Yatin Sardana) #9

But Ctrl+U is also locked. How can he check the source code? Is there any way to stop?

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #10

Source code can be checked by typing view-source:https//

(Rishi) #11

Also there is option in browser to check source code.

Untill somebody can see your site, there is no way to hide source code.

(Code is Love, Love is Life. ) #12

php scraper /// you cant protect form these…

(I am a magician!) #13

We can …

Enter Captcha to Prove human > Then enter into my site

But again! Not feasible :confused:

If we manage to find the the user-agent/IP from the logs, this may help.

(Code is Love, Love is Life. ) #14

its very hard, If someone is scraping at rate of 2page/day … then it will be hard … time consuming also

i guess browser integrity check can also protect … :thinking:

but both will irritate our genuine users also … so normal blogger do not implemnet it :no_mouth:

yup, very true

(Yatin Sardana) #15

Finally he removed all the copied posts yesterday . :yum:

(Sam Razzy) #16

Good!!! We should do something against this corrupted bloggers.