How to place this kind of Ad unit manually


Can, someone tell me how can I place

an ad like this manually in adsense. Sticky footer type


It against Adsense rule. Don’t do it.
Some sites use sticky ads via some other network like Ezoic

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I dont think it is, in my other site i serve that ads via ezoic, the actual ad served is of adsense, and other provider itself but via ezoic. Ezoic is not basically an ad agency, they are kike broker who hooks you up with adsense and other good ad agency, they do bid and sale header ads in quite a high cpc thus overall increasing the revenue. From what i have seen. as most revenue of mine comes from header ads.
Also, ezoic is trusted by adsense as they have partnered so i dont think its against adsense rule. But i am not able to fogure our to do that manually


You usign Ezoic means no problem. If you using wordpress means find any sticky ad plugin or Find sticky ad html & js from Google.