How to post screenshots directly on HGK

Hii Folks,
Abhishek Verma.

I saw many time our beloved members posting links of screenshots and lightshot. Peoples may think that they can save time through this. But, there’s a better way to take screenshots through the default sniping tool and paste on HGK. This is a better way to share screenshots as per my opinion.

Refer to the GIF below, How to do this :

It’s just as simple as to paste the text.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the tips but I am using Greenshot software. This software is great. I think you must try it once. It is one of the best screenshot tools I have ever used.

I use ShareX for taking screenshot by keyboard shortcut, it automatically copy and just in the reply box I press CTRL+v paste command to share a screenshot. This is quite easier.

Though I appreciate anyone using lightshot or any tool. No problem with that.

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