How to rank a custom coded website?


I am creating a website which will cater to users like indian jobs using API. Is it easy to rank these websites? Like custom coded in PHP?


Google doesn’t rank a site based on backend programming language. If you provide valuable information on your website it will rank someday.

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speed also matters right?


Ya, definately matters. I have published a helpful guide on optimization. Please check

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Why do you want to rank this kind of website, that is the question.

You ultimately want traffic, right?

Because your website does not have “content”, what will google rank you for? You are giving a service, and the only way you can be on top rank is when someone searches for exact match of your web service name.

You have 2 more ways to get higher ranking.

  1. Google ads - bid for keywords, people will come and land on your website.

  2. Write blog post - Every web application has a blog section, which they write articles about their service and around the issues where their service can be useful. Write great content, see visitors coming to your blog and eventually rolling down to your web application.

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