How to rank a Hindi website with content same as other website?

So I have an idea for a Hindi website. It’ll have shloka from Mahabharata or Bhagwat Geeta. I’m not sure it’ll be penalized by Google or not. But most of the content Will be exactly the same.

May be you can explain its meaning in simple language that will add some values because not everyone really understand those languages.


What about a website that contains only aarti, chalisa of God’s?

You can also include reglious belief about those Aarti, Chalisa of God’s and what’s the proper way to practice those things.

For example, look at this blog.

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Cpc will be extremely low and there will be no guarantee for traffic.

No youth is searching for shloks…

Think of a evergreen niche.

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Yes this is exactly what I was talking about. But how do I do SEO of there website it contains Hinglish words (Hindi pronounciation in Hindi but written in English).

CPC doesn’t matter. I am not targeting youth, I am targeting some other generation. If I can get good traffic the CPM ads will do the wonders!

You need to follow the basic.