How to Rank your website #1 in 1-2 Months

Hi Everyone, its been a long time. So, Let’s just move fast.
So, I say its sort of experiment but I able to rank my new website for #1 within 1-2 Months and its easy and you can do it. Not gonna lie but if you follow these simple steps you can rank anything you want.
1.) Choose Low DA keyword - Just Search your desired keyword on Google and find DA of first 5 results if there DA is above 30-40 than forget that keyword and star with new because there is not way you gonna rank for that keyword no matter how hard you try. Repeat until you find keyword with Low DA domains.

2.) Make your content fit in search intent - Check what type of content that search term uses, for example list, how to, photos, shop etc. Now rewrite your page according to that search intent.

3.) One In All - write indepth content, make sure people don’t have to go anywhere to search thing related to that keyword. use similar search feature to expand article

4.) Make Backlinks - This part was tough for me but if I can make backlinks than even a 6 year old also can. Use footprint method to make backlinks. I made atleast 10 .edu backlinks. and 50 other, forget spam score or DA just make backlinks. I didn’t care about spam score or DA and my website still ranked #1

here some easy guide to make backlinks:
List of Blog Creation Sites Which offers DA to Subdomains | BlackHatWorld
Generate Your Own .EDU Backlinks Completely FREE | BlackHatWorld
[GET] Huge SEO Footprints Collections | BlackHatWorld

here’s my registered backlinks:

Traffic coming just started last week:

Hope you found it useful :slight_smile:

edit: Don’t forget to optimize your website for technical SEO and On-page SEO. my website loads in 1-2s even I use adsense.

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Could you please clarify my doubt…

It is true that we need more backlinks for better ranking of articles. But, consider one new article which I have published. For that article to rank better, do I need to create back links for that particular article URL or is creating backlinks for the domain homepage is enough ?


Backlinks matter, make as much you can. Also even you page backlinks for a particular page they contribute in overall domain authority. So make for both domain and pages

It depends upon a lot of factors:
a) How good and descriptive is the content
b) How are you making the backlinks.
and lot more.

For a sustainable growth it is recommended by google to let the link profile grow organically.
Say, you create a powerful backlink for a piece of content and get ranked one. Now the content is not the best out there or it is not relevant to the user. The user will start pogo sticking.
That tells google the content should not be at first place. Also, if google catches you in the trick all your hard work of years shall go in vain. For a long term strategy:
a) make good quality descriptive content
b) build organic backlink( make good content backlink will come)

One of my favorite strategy is making long descriptive data tables. Original research. Google loves mining data and if you have valuable data you will get backlink.
For example: Say you are writing about cost of insurance. There can be two approach, either you can read data from internet and write whatever figure you get or call 10 companies or mail them and get a quote, make a table out of it and present the same. This strategy works every single time. It beats the competition and gets backlink as well!

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