How to Receive First AdSense Payment into Bank Account?

Hello Dear, HGK members, it is the first time for me that I’m going to receive my first income of AdSense.

I have already verified my ID in the AdSense account and the PIN will arrive within a few days for AdSense Address verification. For those who don’t know about my country, I’m from India.

This the very first time for me to receive the payment from AdSense, so kindly let me know what I or anyone who will receive his/her first payment from AdSense have to do next?

Your guidance will be much appreciated.

(I’m using State Bank of India)

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Hello @rajdeep I hope you already add your Bank account details on Adsense payment page. That’s enough to receive Adsense payment. Must double check your Bank Account Number, SWIFT BIC Code etc.


No, this option isn’t enabled yet, just waiting for the address verification. I have A/c No, Payee name, but don’t know my nearby SBI Branch either has the SWIFT BIC facility or not which is required for international wire transfer. My Branch IFSC is SBIN0006888
Check someone, if it has.

Apart from this, is it required to tell the bank about such kind of balance credit and NOC etc?

Contact with your branch for SWIFT BIC Code or you can use their default code, SBININBBXXX. I am also using this default code.

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have your branch asked ever for such kind of international balance credits?

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No, they never asked me about these international payment. I don’t think SBI will ask any questions to it’s customers regarding this.

By the way, it’s completely depends upon the local branch

If I avoid visiting the branch for this purpose in these days, so will use this BIC Code, suppose the payment gets fail, then ?

Default swift code is fine. Or pick one from here.

In case payment fail, there are remedy for it. When that will happen, we will discuss.


I have a doubt which is Will I have to pre-inform the bank regarding this kind of international wire transfer payments?

If your payments get delayed and blocked, you need to ask SBI when it happens.


Thank you all :kissing_heart:
Then I’m going to use the default SBI’s SWIFT BIC Code as given by @sajjad, if any problem occurs then will discuss further.

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One more question will this swift code work with CJ (Commission Junction)?

Yes. But why you’re creating CJ account.

I already have from the 2019 which was got disabled due to in activity and I had lost $10 cleared balance for inactive status continuously from 6 months, now in 2020 again I have earned $4 till yet.

is this work on every SBI branchs?

As @sajjad said I will try once, not sure will my SBi Branch put a dispute in it or at the end I will get my income or not?
But @Mainak either ask you nearby branch or use this SWIFT BIC Code. Once, If your income comes in India, then it will be credited to your bank account from my point of view of this procedure.
Which you do use @BihariLala @GulshanKumar or anyone who is using SBI ?

Yes, every branch.

Received at 3.00 PM IST. Thanks to all.

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