How to redirect from old domain to homepage?


Is it possible to redirect all URLs from old domain to homepage of new domain?

Both domains are from godaddy.

I have pointed old domain to new domain but as expected most pages are getting 404 error as new domain does not have the posts that old domain had.

Thank you!


This trick should help.

Since you mentioned just Homepage, you need to keep




Going to try this now. Thanks!


You’re welcome!


Checked a few old domain’s URLs pinned in pinterest. Working :ok_hand: as far as I can see.

Thank you!

Do you suggest cloudflare for new domain also even though it is hosted in server closer to India (Digital ocean - cloudways - Singapore server)?


You’re welcome! good to know, it’s working.

For India, I think twice before recommending Cloudflare to anyone. For target audience with other countries I am completely okay with it.

I have personally hosted my site at AWS Indian server which is 2x faster than Cloudflare.


The redirect was easy because you had already set up cloudflare for the old domain. Just had to add a new rule.

Am using a very simple genesis theme and speed seems to be okay so far.


I am sure certain, compared to digital ocean origin and keeping site on Cloudflare…

The winner will be DO. The reason is simple.

Cloudflare performance condition is not so well for India, due to routing in other countries (example: Singapore). It is a special Location where origin remains faster. This is not just my word, even Cloudflare team agree.


Then I will skip cloudflare. Thanks for the help.


If audience is India, and I believe you know basics how to keep WordPress secure, you should skip it by keeping Cloudflare status ‘paused’ from the Overview menu while you can still use its DNS.


That’s quite good feature.