How to reduce External Links per Page

(Kanth King) #1

How to reduce External Links per Page on a website an easy way, my site is too high at this point almost 30,

(Razor) #2

Other then manually, how else will u do it? I think manually is the only answer my friend.

(Saksham Kumar) #3

Manually or hire a VA. :thinking:


You need to find such links in content area, Sidebar, footer, navigation, etc

(Kanth King) #5

what is VA

(Kanth King) #6

thinking any clever way of using nofollow on these external links…


Virtual Assistant.


How this is relevant - reducing and adding nofollow? Please choose right wording.


I think, this is an easy way. I don’t see any other method.

(Kanth King) #10

Thank you