How to reduce number of Page requests?

My website is showing 164 requests on GTMetrix and Yslow shows HTTP request score 0%. Is there anyway I can reduce these requests to make my site faster? Thanks for the help!


Use wp rocket & combine all CSS & JS in one file.

Yesterday night, I had the optimization of a website that is hosted on Godaddy shared hosting.
We know that its the worst one in the field of web hosting. But the results are amazing.
Interested IB/DM Please.

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You can use


To reduce this. It’s not always they work properly. There may be some corners that can break. You need to put those JS and CSS in the exception list.



This is the final result:

Also, I don’t use Cloudflare for this website.

Feel free to DM me for more assistance with this.


1.) First, you should reduce the number of plugins. You can enable the function directly using coding but it requires some coding knowledge in which you can avail those codes easily on the internet.

2.) Some plugins like contact form 7 load its Javascript and CSS file on all pages. You should find similar types of plugins and construct code to dequeue those requests.

3.) For a single page load, anywhere less 60 HTTP requests are considered as normal load.

If you can share your site URL, I can offer personalized suggestion that will suite best for your site.

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