How to remove AMP links?

I have removed AMP from my site. How can I remove AMP from google search console ? Does it remove them automatically ?

Here is great tutorial from @GulshanKumar about how to disable AMP from WordPress. Follow these steps.

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This is a great article. Actually my website is not on wordpress. I have removed all amp pages and now GSC is showing 404 for all. Is there any other way to remove these ? (I have submitted the new sitemap btw)

Core steps would be same.

  1. Remove rel="amphtml" from the head of non-AMP pages
  2. Noindex AMP page

Wait for few weeks.

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Thank you. can I noindex all pages at one go …i.e. all ?

Yes, it would be possible if you add meta robots noindex tag in AMP header field as I have suggested in the article. That’s simplest way.