How to remove such ads from blogs?

I am pissed of with these Rummy ads. Recently @GulshanKumar reported this thing to me.

Even I blocked this category from my adsense settings.

Its google control :crazy_face:

Were you able to use?

Using this extention, you can block certain advt.

Okay. I will try this

block the categories

Kabki kardi. But still showing.
Don’t know how they are bypassing this thing

Can we do this at website level only ?

yes sure.

when you have time please once give system at remote will try to do something

You can also visit the ad review center and block such ads one by one (or check the parent company and block their all ads through ad review center)

I blocked the URL of JungleeRummy in my Adsense settings. No more ads from their website.

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