How to remove vary header?

Hello There,

Recently, my site’s vary header is showing “vary: Accept-Encoding,User-Agent,cookie”, the starge thing is I deactivated all the plugins, checked .htaccess file for both root and wp-content directory, nothing is found there.

So can you please guide me to the right direction that from where I can delete that thing?

I guess w3tc doing something wrong, may add that header but after uninstalling still it is showing same.

That vary header causing conflict with the CDN, that is why I want to remove that one.

Thanks in advance,


Use unset

Thank you for the answer, can you please guide me on where to add this?

Oh, this site uses eZOIC and WPX.

These all looks complicated to me. You need to check by point hosting IP first.

Make a cURL request over hosting IP. This will bypass eZOIC and give you actual picture from where problem is starting. Before or After eZOIC. Then, we can debug further.

  • open CMD or terminal
  • type below command (replace hostname and IP)
  • It will print HTTP header response
curl -I --resolve