How to Resolve High CPU Usage?


Are you using any Cache Plugin?



No cache plugin using,

Currently using cloudflare and varnish.



I would strongly recommend using a Cache plugin. It would be helpful.

High CPU Usage may also cause due to some plugin which uses Heartbeat API. Can you list some plugin or share a quick report of GTmetrix test?



Yes, today I will install W3 Total Cache and look out impact on overall performance.

Currently using following plugin.

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam
  2. Cloudflare
  3. Disable Feeds
  4. Google Tag Manager for Wordpress
  5. MailChimp for WordPress
  6. WP-Mail-SMTP
  7. Yoast SEO

Also, I am using php version of 5.6.33, I have found guidelines that need to use php version 7.
Is it recommend to use of php version 7 for increase performance?



I see plugin list is normal.

WordPress officially recommends PHP version 7.2 or greater.

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I am also on the php version 5, is it safe to upgrade? Are there any risks involve when upgrading?



Before Upgrading …

  1. You must ensure about plugins compatibility for PHP 7.2
  2. Take Backup

It’s working fine for me.
I hope it would be same great experience at your end. All the best! :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks alot.

For example if the plugin is not compatible with php 7.2 will the whole site crash or just the plugin wont work?



@Morshii There may such case if you are using any old plugin. Normally, you won’t face. Even if happens, that will be for some plugin. Deactivating such plugin would be a solution. It is safe. But, I would strongly recommend taking backup. Sometimes 7.2 doesn’t work with some plugin, so downgrading would be only fixed.

How to safely try PHP 7.2?

  • Create a staging site and do experiment. Please don’t blame if something goes wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Previously, I am using jetpack, pop-up maker and easy social share plugin. Now i have deleted these plugins.

But don’t how to clean database? I have found plugin “WP-Optimize” for Removes all unnecessary data.

While i am using above plugin, is there anything i can take care for not to break site?



Nothing more important than having backup. Whatever you do, please try on a staging site first.

For database optimization, please see: Optimize WordPress Database Easily in 5 Minutes



Wait, what? Cloudflare Plugin!! This is an untrustworthy plugin in my opinion. Please remove it.

Credible reference, see what users are saying about this



I already have automatic backups everyday, Also i do use some old plugins that have not been updated for around 4 to 5 months.

Deactivating old plugins sounds like a clever move before upgrading.

I will take with my hosting provider before doing anything.

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I’m using Jetpack without their css, js and it works really good. The Single Sign on feature is great for brute force attacks.

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Why whats up with 7.2



still very new, most of the plugins are not compatible.

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Thanks for the heads up!



@PoojaPatel Your load average is good. if CPU resources are still high consider caching + optimization of the scripts.



While doing data clean up. I found “transient_jetpack_jitm” in “Transient Options” section.

There are around 35,000 entries in above section. When i click on “details button”, it’s show first 500 only. All first 500 are “transient_jetpack_jitm

After click Sweep, showing 500 internal server error in my local PC. In first attempt clear up to 27000 and second attempt goes to 16,000 and last third attempt its clear all “Transient”.

Q - How much effect for this high number of transient data in database, is slow down database response?



You need to clean it regularly if using jetpack.