How to restrict someone to access plugin settings in WP?

There is a plugin Ads for WP, that I am using for a long time.
Now, this plugin is retired by the author but they forgot to make the roles related changes in the plugin.

Result, an author/contributor/editor role user can create ad units on your site and publish them without your notice.

Anyways to prevent author/contributor/editor access to this plugin?

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Please search for Role Editor plugin. One I could find -

I have tried a few plugins but these are all just to restrict post/pages access.
This one also.

  • If someone want to push advt, they can still do using custom HTML block.

  • Review every post before publishing.

They can’t add and publish post directly, all posts they will submit will be marked for a pre-publish review.

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In the plugin author page, they have suggested the users to try “WPQuads”. So, why don’t you do the required changes? I know it’s very hard but since there is no option, we have to perform this at this time.

I personally found many bugs and glitches in Wp Quads, that’s why I’m have uninstalled after using for 1 day.

And if you ask me to code, then at last I will mesh up everything, if I start to code. :sweat_smile:

If you wish, I can help you do that. In all my articles, I am using Shortcodes to display ADs. And separately I am maintaining an excel sheet as well.