How to Revert Back from HTTPS to a Non-SSL HTTP Site


Reasons You Might Want to Revert :

#1: My rankings dropped!
#2: I haven’t seen any improvement in rankings.

I need your help @GulshanKumar Sir, can you provide complete tutorial?


Do not revert.
HTTPS is future.

Analyse the reason for ranking drop.
It could be because of wrong redirections.


its Just only for testing purpose. I have not been able to get traffic since I installed the SSL certificate, I have been fighting this problem for 2 months.


That’s a terrible idea. HTTPS is not to be blamed.

You are hit by a solid G update :frowning:

Try building some links (edu) and improving the existing content. You will bounce back


I just want to check that I did not make any mistake in installing it.


@GulshanKumar will do look into it.

Reverting back will result in an unrecoverable disaster.


Yup waiting for @GulshanKumar Sir Reply…


To force HTTP

  1. Go to WordPress Settings > General > Change HTTPS to HTTP


  1. Run Search & Replace against HTTPS

:warning: To redirect from HTTPS to HTTP, you need SSL support.

  1. Setup Cloudflare, go to Cryto and set SSL mode “OFF”

Consider force HTTP done.


Thanks Sir, I just want to confirm that there was no mistake in the installation of the SSL.