How to safe AdSense from User Comments Violations?

Google is trying to make the Digital Advertising Eco System as possible as trustful for the advertisers.
So they have the “user generated content policy”, where if your content is great but comments are not suitable or show any kind of negative impact to a brand then not only Google Adsense can restrict your ads serving also can disable your AdSense.

Here in this video there is a explanation for AdSense publishers.

Kindly watch the full video first then continue.
Important Time Stamp at 1.55 Min and 3.00 Min

To prevent your AdSense from being get violated from user comments, there is a way he said in the video which is provide a call to action button for comments.
When any visitor will click on button such as “View Comments” or “Show Comments”, he/she will be redirected to the particular post/article’s comment page where no ad will be shown up.

Yes, I totally agree with the process and I think all AdSense publishers will be.

So you will not get any kind of violation or any kind of tension regarding AdSense.

Now, the question is, is there any way to move wordpress comment to a different page?


I think proper moderation of comments can help in keeping ugc related to main content.

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It’s can possible upto 10-20 comments per day. But for like news website there are thousands and can be lakhs of comments are generated in a day.

It’s not possible to moderate.

I want something like this

There will be a view comment button at bottom of the post & when a user clicks on it, it should show the comments. And importantly the comment should not be present in post html structure until user clicks on View Comments.

I did something similar with one my theme, I made for blogger.
I wanted to make PWA site for blogger but ended up making something else :sweat:

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This plugin allow loading comment on click.


@PiyushSuthar Thanks for making such. But its not looking professional or may be need more customization. Can you load it as I have shown above like from the right side.
@GulshanKumar Will the Commets be presnt in page’s html?

Yes, it will load at same web page on click event.

But I think it’s for wp default comment not for Disqus?

It is for WordPress. Please read the plugin description it has all informations that you need.

No no.
I know it’s for wordpress.

I want to know that is it lazy loads the disqus comments on wordpress or not?

This plugin should help.

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A few months ago this plugin caused 5xx error on my website.

And here is the problem

And this again with this Disqus Conditional Load Plugin

After Deactivating it :lying_face:

I have also tried to contact the author but there was no reply from him from last 2 weeks.

Stick to default commenting System. Or Cloudflare Rocket Loader can help as well.

I can’t because the site is a news website & get’s multiple positive & negative opinions.


Currently, using the pip-Disqus plugin but it has no on-click load feature & may be it will create problem like DCL in the near future.

Step 1. Setup Cloudflare

Step 2. Enable Rocket Loader.

All JS should load in lazy way. But beware it can break some other JS element as well. Do not implement if using AdSense as it can affect revenue badly.

Rocket loader will rocketly disabled my site.
Better to don’t use.

One thing @GulshanKumar I have used the DCL on my 2 website just another one giving me 5xx while another one Just Fine with the DCL.

I am using DCL from 2 years & I didn’t seen any issues right now, it’s may be some Plugin or settings conflict on your site.

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Turn debugging on, check error.log