How to save yourself from plagiarism?


There is just too much plagiarism today. Especially for a old blog like mine. A single article which is a year old would have been plagiarized on at least 10 sites. What do i do against these people?

  1. Take a copyright for myself?
  2. Start doing mailers and DMCA mail claims against all of them?
  3. Google DMCA application?

What are the steps to be taken to take down plagiarism from competition.


Is better and works good.


Google DMCA is the right way…

But in my case what i did. I notice many new web scientist copy my website content and pasting in quora and getting upvotes, and quora article is ranking better than my article. But it was my content copyed by someone.

I simply disable the right click on my website. So there is no copy options. I know it’s not 100% perfect someone can still copy my content but not like before like cake walk. Now they have to struggle.


They cannot select the complete text and press CTRL + C and copy it??


Yes, but there’s a extension to outsmart this trick:

So you cannot stop copying pasting, better file DMCA so that they will eventually stop doing it.


But it is still worth trying right? The guys copy pasting my site are not genius’s or techies. They are most likely college students.


And yes. FULL POINTS to ur dmca thing. I will do that for all old articles now.

Does buynig a copyright for ur brand helps?


Not only old blogs, I post a content today and some people copy it (WORD BY WORD) and then post it on their websites. They don’t even care to edit the contents, sad! Simply CTRL + C then CTRL + V and then publish. DMCA is the only way as of now.


I’d say no, your genuine readers won’t be able to share the content. You can add a plugin to enable ‘Read more at’ when the content is manually copied


Which plug-in do i use?


Filing a direct complaint to the host for suspending the hosting and notifying the website owner who copied website is also good.


Yes, that can be done. You can reach out to cloudflare and get it done.


Yes, They can’t copy and past simply. It’s good trick to avoid copy past. Working great for me. I have a code. If you want i will send you.


One question on this. I use LAST UPDATED DATE of posts. And recenly, i have been changing the featured image across all my posts.

So if my date is of this month, whereas a plagiarised article is 2 years back, how do i do DMCA complaint against them? Please tell me.


Stealing/ taking something for which the person did not work for. Copy & paste thieving done by bloggers.

  • Try dmca badge.

  • Ensure Directory Index is disabled: We need access to image exact path, not directory. All good host take care of this, except some shared host.

/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ this kind of directory must return Error 403.

Index of directory sometime happens due to poor host.

  • If possible, use watermark for images

  • Use Google Alert to get notified when some copy your article phrase.


Returning 403.

Doing this right now.

Is this site trustworthy? @GulshanKumar Any idea?


@Sam_Razzy my friend told me about it. It’s effective in taking down infringing materials.