How to Setup Free Cloudflare CDN for Wordpress (Tutorial)?



I have 2 cloudflare accounts with one domain each and want to keep both domains in one account. How do I remove the domain that was added during sign up? There is no pause button.



Assuming, “Account A” is your primary and B is secondary. You want to migrate XYZ domain from B to A.

To bring the xyz domain from from the Cloudflare - Account B to Account A

  1. Login to Cloudflare account B.

  2. Go to DNS > Advanced > Export its DNS to backup it

  3. Keep note of the important settings that you have.

------- Part 2 --------

  1. Login to Cloudflare A

  2. Add that XYZ domain which you want to move

  3. Follow the DNS zone, maintain same. If not restored, you can do via exported file.

Please note that settings will not be migrated with the zone - the new zone is in a default state. SSL will reissue, DNS records need to be recreated/validated, Page Rules recreated, WAF settings, etc.

In detail


I kept getting error message. Logged in after a while and the domain is appearing in the account now. So all is good.

Going to start setting it up by following your tutorial.
Thank you!


FYI, link not working.

Has your opinion changed after you posted this?

Just finished setting it up. Should I remove cloudflare from site. Majority traffic is from India.

Thank you!


Thanks for notifying.

Alternative solution

Now there is more easy way for the same thing.
(Without use of .htaccess file)


Has your opinion changed after you posted this? Is Cloudflare good for India traffic?

Yes Thank you. Bookmarked it yesterday itself.