How to setup Web application isolation?


Web application isolation

Each of your Web Applications is sandboxed with their own web server and PHP configurations. Even if one of your Web Applications is hacked due to a vulnerability, this isolation ensures it can’t take down your whole server.

Source: RunCloud features page.

How can I manually set it up on LEMP?


Easiest will be to dockerize the application.


Does docker have any limitation on the number of applications?



But for smooth execution, I’d recommend running an external proxy in front of docker and using that to handle domains & ssl etc. You can map php on different external port for each container and then forwarding requests per-domain.


Thank you for the guidance!


Additional Notes:
Use docker-compose or a similar tool for easy deployment control
Use Alpine Linux base image for the purpose of space saving
Map Persistent data locations outside of the container to preserve data or else you’ll lose everything upon rebuild.