How to Solve Ad Serving Limit in AdSense Account?

Hello guys, I don’t just know why I keep getting ads limit on my two blogs. It’s now the fifth times within a short period of time. How do I fixed this. The funny thing is that I don’t know which blog is causing this. My only source of revenue is from there. I’m depressed right now and I need the right person to help a brother out. I don’t mind paying some bucks for the person to help me check the two blogs and see where the problem is coming from and fixed it. Note: my budget is not much caused I’m currently facing some family issues that had taken every damn savings I have. Indicates if you are willing to help.

Hello @miracle_ofoma welcome to #HGK.

Now a days, ad limit in AdSense accounts is a common thing among newbies.
This can caused by several factors and AdSense algorithm.

Before suggest you anything can you please share your traffic stats?

Some common reasons of AdSense ad limit:

  1. Traffic sources & quality
  2. Content quality
  3. Ads placement

Check out more here

In short it’s needed so that advertisers can promote their products on right places in the internet, as said by Google.

Usually it gets removed after 30 days but still it can exist in some Adsense accounts.

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This is the screenshot

It seems that you have mixed 2 blogs stats in above screenshot. Am I correct?

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Yes. They are the two blogs I’m using ads on them.

Kindly share your a single blog stats at once. Else it’s confusing.