How to Specify a character set early for webfonts

I see you are using Digital Ocean server via Cloudways.

Here’s the test report. The TTFB is 16.363 ms (From Bangalore, India) which is excellent.

Check the report
Waiting time is 0.3ms and 0.4 ms and all files

After disable orange cloud, my server IP is showing now
Cloudflare not working as DNS why?

I have checked that report, waiting time is very less, hence faster.

It’s normal. That’s how Cloudflare DNS only mode works.

Is there any way to hide server IP from annoymys

Thank you it worked… :smiley:

Can I also set a character set early for other domains?

I know two ways, first is Cloudflare which I don’t recommend for Indian audience due to slow TTFB in general setup.

Second method is Sucuri, a premium firewall services. It can also hide IP.

Not possible for 3rd-party domain. Contact its support to get resolved.


How to specify a cache validator for one signal


Abhishek Gupta

Since we don’t control their server, we cannot set specific character set in HTTP header of that request to pass that issue at GTmetrix. I would recommend, ignore it or contact OneSignal.