How to split header logo from navigation menu? {Schema lite theme}



I have been using GeneratPress theme since a year. I am using this because…

  1. It is too fast.
  2. It looks like Genesis (It’s my opinion)

But some times it does not fulfill whole needs. Ex -

  1. GP does not include about author box.
  2. GP has not related post functionality.

I know we can do this by manually or using plugin. But I don’t like using a plugin. Second thing, I tried manually and I am only successful to add about author box . Unfortunately,I am unable to implement related post functionality. below the post. Because GP’s single.php file is too hard to coding.

So, I should try schema lite…

  1. It is also fast.
  2. It is included about author box and related post functionality by default.
  3. Overall look is similar to GP expect header section.

Before installing the theme(schema lite) on my main blog. I was customizing it on local host.

Everything is done! but I am unhappy with header. Can we split(separate) header logo from main navigation bar?

Here is Schema lite theme header.

I want like this …… (header logo and navigation bar is different.)


Has anybody done this?


Simple Author Box

Yuzo Related post

There are plugin which can be used.

For manual, you may hire developer from the #Marketplace.


I done it.
But need one more help.

Actually bro I set thumbnail size 200px . But it cut offs both sides. I mean a thumbnail does not look in full size.

Can you provide me a css code?

.yuzo_related_post .relatedthumb{


  1. Please take a backup.
  2. Try below plugin


thanks bro.


You’re welcome!

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