How to start with a first English blog?


Hey guys! I am thinking about to start an English blog. Now I am a Hindi blogger. I have been blogging for a year. And I think at the moment I have lots of experience. So its time to move on and challenge to myself.

Before moving to the next step, I want to clear some doubts.

  1. If we started an English language blog. What will our targeted audience? I mean will we have to fight for US or India?
  2. Is there any specific setting for English blog?
  3. Which server location should we choose?

These are questions from my side. If you want to add any tips, point, suggestion then, please! I am hungry to know.


You can target any nation’s audience with English. Indian audience can also be well targeted and it is preferred as well as India is second largest English speaking country.

There is no such setting you need to do. Just a friendly suggestion if you make an English blog ensure:-

  1. You do not use slag words like tym for time and do all that stuff.
  2. Use Grammarly to prevent grammar mistakes and errors. It’s free and you can add their extension to your browser.

You should first find a niche and then think about a specific audience whom you want to target. Once decided, you can choose data center nearest to your target location of visitors.

Apart from it, you can use CDN like cloudflare side by side :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Thanks Shahil bro for inspiring me.