How to target multiple keywords in a single post?


I am creating a blog for students as well as normal users also. The website will provide notes to the students and at the same time, I want to provide information to general users also.

Suppose I am writing a post about “What is Thermodynamics”. So it should be able to rank for “Thermodynamics Notes” as well as a “Thermodynamics”.

P.S. -> Definitely I won’t be going for such a competitive keyword. This is just an example. Thank You


It is not necessary that it will rank for only one keyword.
If it’s generic keyword has high search volume then definitely you can rank any post for many keywords. Even my one post is ranking in Google’s first page for more than 20 keywords. And this post has generated 3k keywords. Same thing with other posts also. You can see this using shree tool. This depends on the quality and users engagement in that post.
Just concentrate on writing a good quality post. Anyone who reads should say wow.
User satisfaction is the most important thing now as per google. So if your post is capable of that then 8t can generate many keywords and it can also rank for multiple keywords.


Totally agreed with your comment. Build quality content and format it very well…
I have my paged rank for multiple subheading i have in my blog posts…it is easier for google to understand about what are important keywords you have content about if you format the content well and write long blogposts…
Mine 4000+ blog post generate overs 100 keywords and gets most traffic.
Hope that was hepful