How to target US/UK/CAD searches?

When a niche like Programming or Blogging is common in most countries. How to target the tier-1 countries?

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Use Ahrefs to gauge keywords searches in your target country.

Choose a server near to the target location for better speed.

Using appropriate acronym helps.
For example in my gardening niche a garden in US is called yard where as its called garden in UK.

Sometimes knowing the correct jargon and using them helps a lot. Watch some YouTube video of US guys to learn them.

The words you use play a vital role.

Apart from that there is hardly a way to target only a particular country. Just keep creating good content and you shall do just fine.


Very good point @saurav_556

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One more tip i wamted to add @Vyom_Srivastava

Use grammaly pro. It helps a lot!
The more native English it sound like the better it is to attract US audience.

I have been using it from day 1!
I think thats an investment that’s worth it.


Do SEO to target US/USA and CAD. It gives you local traffic to your website. Location based SEO pulls huge traffic to your website.

Can you explain what you mean to say? What seo are you talking about?

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