How to Track Website Search Field Usage using Google Analytics




Does your website use search function? Of course, yes. Because It helps the visitor to find information quickly.


Ever wondered, what’s the exact search-term visitor are using in your search box?

Tracking the search field usage can be helpful in better understanding your audience interests.

It's easily possible with Google Analytics. To get started, follow steps -

  1. Login to Google Analytics

  2. Select Property > All website Data

  3. Go to Admin Settings

  4. Click on View Settings > Scroll down

  5. Enable Site search Tracking

  6. Enter search query parameter, for WordPress type s

  7. Save changes.

Tracking Search usage

  • Go to Behavior > Site Search > Overview to see Search usage information.

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Developed site search function

Is this applicable only if we are using google search box or if we are using our own sites search box?


There is no such restriction. We can track default search box usage also.


Thanks for the tips. :grin:


Never knew about this.



Very useful information. Thanks. :sweat_smile:

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@Saksham Which one cache plugin?


Wp Super Cache.


Okay, I will write first on that. (Today)


A tutorial for setting up wp-rockets also please. :slight_smile:


Sure, sure. I will publish it too, thinking to write on each cache plugin.


@GulshanKumar Please add this in your tutorial list,

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