How to update php 7.2 to 7.3 in ubuntu nginx for wordpress


On 6 Dec 2018 PHP lunch new version. But my server is running on PHP 7.2. so can anyone tell me how to update PHP 7.2 to 7.3 in ubuntu nginx for WordPress.


Wait for Ubuntu to release php7.3 or else update using a 3rd party Repo.


Ubuntu does not release new PHP 7.3 update?
can you tell me when the update will realese?
also, tell me to update PHP version using 3rd party Repo on Ubuntu, does it safe and recommended ?


Unless Your script requires PHP 7.3 (I’d highly doubt that’s the case) it’s not really of any use to rush into updating as there can be issues with the new release which may break your site.

Stick to 7.2 unless You have enough data that it’s safe to udpate and even then, I won’t recommend updating unless it’s absolutely required.

There is a reason why shared hostings stick to older versions.