How to Upload Files to WordPress using SSH

Some additional tips:

To download files from Google Drive to Ubuntu server in SSH use gdown:

Step 1: Install python

apt install python

Step 2: Install godown

pip install gdown


gdown [Google-Drive-Link]

This is my first video on the channel and I want to make videos related to WordPress that are not available, please tell me your review or any suggestions on improvements in the video.

I want to make video tutorials for Advanced WordPress.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Verma


Helpful video tutorial. Much gracias.

  • You can do better if you could move mouse pointer smoothly. Let user see clearly from which x to y point you moved.

  • Make this video 2x longer, no problem. Take break of few second after each closing sentence.

  • Some video can goes longer, no need to restart again… just cut in middle what went wrong.

  • When you were typing wget or something, I couldn’t see at all. I think, in video editor you need to use zoom effect or something to make clear especially for the mobile users.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I will take care of these things, next time :slight_smile:

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How you know that I record videos in one go😅

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It happens commonly, when I make video I keep written notes infront so I don’t miss any point even if I am going to make an hour video.

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