How To Use Category, Parent Category, and Tags in WP post?

I’m writing my first post in wp. I would like to know how to use Parent category > Category and Tags. Is the Parent category must?

Your suggestion will help me to organize my content.


Categories are used to organize your blog posts.
Like Android is a category, you can add any android related posts there & next time it will help you to find all android related contents/posts.
Parent Category is used to select the main category for your post. Like if you have written a post on “How to open youtube?”
It’s under Android category but its main category is How to
Even you can create multiple sub-categories under the main category.
tags are usually used to define the keywords of your posts/contents.
Think someone search for “open youtube”
Like someone may be searching for “open youtube in android” or “youtube open process in mobile”
So, for every search related to youtube, your post will be displayed in the result.


I will use categories like Android, Web apps, & Gadgets. The How -To guides posts will come under all of these categories. I don’t want t use How-To as separate category. So, nothing comes under parent category. Can i omit parent category field?

I have given an example on how use this
However it’s all up on you.if you think you don’t need parent category,just leave it then

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That’s a very good example. Thanks for your detailed info.

You’re welcome :kissing_heart: