How To Use cookie free domains Using Cloudflare..?


Hello,Currently I am Using cloudflare free CDN for CDN service on my some blog but every time when I was speed test I am seeing Use cookie free domains For static resource :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

So there is any method use cookie free domain using cloudflare…??

please provide some guide…??


Generally you can’t serve cookie-free content while using its CDN (Reverse Proxy) services together. The way Cloudflare provide services in any plan, it must adds a special cookie namely _cfduid with each HTTP requests. For your kind information, there is no official way to eliminate these cookies regardless of any Plan unless if you stop using its CDN services. You may continue using fastest DNS services without any issue.

Why excluding cookies with Cloudflare is so tough?

Here’s the answer. I have copied this screenshot from my browser network timeline. Look at path. Cloudflare is forcing cookies for domain as well as subdomain. This is why it’s tough to skip it.


If you love using Cloudflare, here’s the workaround to bypass _cfduid cookie of Cloudflare for the static resources .

  • Step 1. If you really love Cloudflare, Keep using its DNS & CDN services for main domain.

But to exclude cookie for the static resources you have to change the hostname completely.

  • Step 2. Sign up for a CDN services, grab its naked URL (or masked it with new domain) since our purpose is to change hostname; and enter into CDN path into your Cache plugin.

    Check at GTmetrix, Voila! There is no more any cookie for the static resources.

There are few more steps, you can learn at below article.

Note: I won’t recommend tweaking so much. Unless you are feeling crazy for getting unrealistic 100/100 score.

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It’s about getting that 100/100 score bro. Just feared related to speed issues. That’s Y?


Chasing A grade is waste of time. Just focus on blog load time to keep it fast as possible as, and especially providing valuable piece of CONTENT.


@GulshanKumar Can you check My blog there current speed is good or not…???

If not suggest me some improvement tips…:cry:

Currently I am using Google font and Google Adsense ads also… Onesignle Notification…:blush:


What is your opinion on Pseudo IPv4 option in Cloudflare. Should I keep it at off? Also which one is faster IPv4 or IPv6


You shouldn’t touch it. There is no need to force IPV4.


Okay. One last thing can you explain me what are expired transient options ? Google showing me stackexchange results which are bit difficult for me to understand


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