How to use Double click for publisher


Does any one have tested double click for publisher?
Actually from last few days I am reading about enhancing adsense earning. In this I got idea about ezoic which is a tool can be used for increasing revenue by its artificial intelligence. And it gurantee to increase earning by 50%+ .
Second thing is double click for publisher which rotates only high performing ads if we connect adsense with double click for publisher.


No idea about double click one but ezoic do increase income by 150% for me usually, while i was getting a 4-5$/1000pageviee from adsense i usually see over 13-15$ from ezoic.
Yes it needs a lot of tweaking for speed and higher revenue So do consider that.
It’s not at all the perfect one but does the job significantly well.

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Can you tell me how to setup this on the site?


Does ezoic work with


not tried yet…they are official adsense partner.
They do serve ads from some premium ad company…

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