How to use free https from cloudflare


is there is any updated guide to add https in website using cloudflare also can someone suggest me best plugin to backup data before moving to https


For Non-top TLD domains: Migrate HTTPS Enabled non-top TLD Domain to Cloudflare without Downtime

Also see …


Use Updraft plus and save backup at any remote storage

Its simple

  1. Make a cloudflare account
  2. Add your site there . Select free plan
  3. After adding your site, cloudflare will fetch DNS. After it login to domain registrar’s site and change nameservers.
  4. Once nameservers get updated, cloudflare ssl will be automatically activated.
  5. You can setup http to https redirect by adding a page rule from cloudflare (In case, you want to save a page rule, just go to crypto and set a redirect from there)

That’s it.

Enjoy :slight_smile: